The Issue

At TungaTunga, we are solving key social and economic problems.

In many of the developing countries, unemployment is extremely high. Young people and women are the most affected. Many of these lack adequate skills or have skills but lack funding and capacity to be meaningfully engagement in economic development.

Unemployment among women especially former refugees and ex prisoners. There were about 10,644 convicted women prisoners in Kenya by 2017, according to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and over 2million female refugees in Africa according to United Nations. Most of these women lack adequate skills or employment opportunities to earn from a productive life. They are also constantly stigmatized in the community.

Also, despite some of the global fashion products being made in some African countries including Kenya, Africa still contributes less than 20% to the global fashion industry with majority depending on second hand imported fashion products, killing local textile industries.  There is also lack of high quality locally made products which leads to dominance of foreign brands and second hand products.